The 4 Generals of the Black Banner.

Session 2

Might be missing a few things

After successfully pushing back the goblins and saving the cart, the player characters decide to scavenge the weapons left behind to save for the up coming revolt against the Black Banner. It is during this time that Shaefira finds the party. Suspicious of her motives, the party reluctantly lets her follow them into the next town. Burns, the driver of the caravan the pc’s were “hired” to protect, vouches for the player characters, and that allows them access to the Black Banner’s food producing city. The player characters are ushered into the local inn. There, they learn that Ahkari might not actually be the person they thought she was, thanks to Shaefira. As the party looks around town for information, the town is attacked by a bank of goblins! The player characters, wisely, decided to stay out of the fight for the most part, as both sides had significant numbers. Anju Elric was the first to strike in the battle, as she merely wanted revenge against a perverted store keeper. As the battle raged, it became apparent that the goblins were going to win. The player characters ran away to a hole the blacksmith escaped through earlier, but just barely.



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