Dog is skilled at disguise and often uses magic it assist this. In pubic he most often looks like a small halfling and goes by the name of Bibi Wheatgrinder. He wears a lose hooded robe and carries a crossbow. If he is not disguised he is a 2’5" Kobald, with black-blue scales with silver specks on the tips.


Dog was born Kazuel of the Silver Wing Clan. This Kobald tribe was made small, do to constant raids on its mines. In fact, only one sorcerer was left. Dogs job was to be a scout, a role he was well suited for.
As Dog matured he found he had the gift of the Dragon, sorcery. As Dog was more charismatic than the sorc in charge, some assumed he would challenge the All-watcher. To counter this, the Chief sold dog as a miner to an neighboring goblin tribe . Dogs are despised by goblins and they gave this name to Dog. The goblins were in turn slaughtered by a dim witted Paladin. Dog convinced the paladin that he was not evil and not not worthy of wrath. Dog offered to become the Paladin squire, a role that dog was not so good at. After a few months the Paladin gave Dog his freedom. Dog wandered among various peoples looking for a place to belong. He would use his spells and disguise to conceal his race. It was somewhat effective until he become “Bibi Wheatgrinder” a wandering hobbit. Local halflings felt something was different and questioned him until his spell wore off. They didn’t take to kindly to the rouse.

Dog is free now, but belongs nowhere and is lonely. He seeks an new ‘tribe’ to call his own. Maybe become a All-watcher for a mining colony. He also seeks a female Kobald to make his own tribe.

The Silver wing clan was founded by Ornlexi (silver speaker), a silver draonwrought Sorcerer merchant. Upon leaving his clan with half its population, he settled in by a underground lake. Althought the mineral wealth was substantial, the same same waters fed a well to a large human city. Using disguising magics, Ornlexi began trade with the humans. This led to the clan becoming wealthy in his time. Upon his death, it is believed his soul pasted to a Kolbald who was a exceptionally gifted miner, named Rhyaex. She could mine faster than any other Kobald and gave life to many eggs. Although she was very strong, she was lacking Charisma. Another Dragonwroght assumed the role of all-watcher and his name was Isk. Isk was a gifted Sorcerer who felt he was better suited to rule. Isk decided to attack the human city, which alerted the humans to the presence. Many adventures whittled down the clan, until an unknown adventurer dammed the lake. The clan was forced to flee as the den began to flood. During the exodus, Rhyaex died for her people.
Her soul was deemed to pass to a Dragonwrought Scout named Kazeul.


The 4 Generals of the Black Banner. Kiax