The 4 Generals of the Black Banner.

Session 2
Might be missing a few things
After successfully pushing back the goblins and saving the cart, the player characters decide to scavenge the weapons left behind to save for the up coming revolt against the Black Banner. It is during this time that Shaefira finds the party. Suspicious of her motives, the party reluctantly lets her follow them into the next town. Burns, the driver of the caravan the pc’s were “hired” to protect, vouches for the player characters, and that allows them access to the Black Banner’s food producing city. The player characters are ushered into the local inn. There, they learn that Ahkari might not actually be the person they thought she was, thanks to Shaefira. As the party looks around town for information, the town is attacked by a bank of goblins! The player characters, wisely, decided to stay out of the fight for the most part, as both sides had significant numbers. Anju Elric was the first to strike in the battle, as she merely wanted revenge against a perverted store keeper. As the battle raged, it became apparent that the goblins were going to win. The player characters ran away to a hole the blacksmith escaped through earlier, but just barely.
Session one

The PCs wake in a cave. There is an elf woman watching them. Some of them has have ideas how they got there but none know for sure. A silver band is on each of their necks. After some incomplete introductions, she informs them she has a job for them. There are 4 generals taking over the world. They called the Black Banners. She wants the party oppose them and raise the spirts of the population. She recommends the start in a nearby city. Maybe joining the guard to gain insight and training for the local chapter of the Black banners.
It is a few miles to the city and the party encounters a band of goblins headed to the city as well. Bibi the ‘Hobbit’ scout is spotted and leads the goblins into a ambush. A dozen or so goblins soon lay defeated. Upon examination each goblin had a scar in the shape of a scimitar on its neck. The elf explained that these goblins once worked for the Black banners but now are raiders. The party travels on.
One mile from the city a lone goblins is spotted. When confronted, 16 other goblins came out of two hidden doors. With the Gnome knocking himself unconscious and the Kada eating the fighters axe, the goblins soon broke. One run down a tunnel, with Bertha on her heels. Bibi ran down the other hole with the intention of heading off the runner. It appeared the tunnels did not join. One ending in a pit, and one in another hidden door. The Fighter finally caught the runner as he tried to climb to safety.
With the possibility of the pit leading to the city or to something of importance, the Zombie Raven flew down the pit. After a few moments the Elf ran into the tunnels with haste. Bibi ran after. Climbing down the pit, he saw the elf standing on a pile of dead goblins in a round room. The elf states she killed them. She also explains that this was once the lair of a dragon. Bibi shown the elf his true face, that of a Dragonwrought Kobald. After a moment, the Elf returned the gesture of trust and told Bibi that the dragon had another lair with a powerful two handed weapon. This weapon would help the party in its endeavors.
Realizing that the rebels could use the goblins weapons, they were soon collected. As the elf explained that non-Banner personal were not allowed weapons, the maces were hidden in a tree.
After finding a good site for a camp, the heroes settled in for the night. Bibi showing off his Robe Tent. Woken only by the elf capturing two more goblins. In the morning the goblins were questioned. They were not very cooperative, but did state that there tribe is led by a giant who forces them to mutilate themselves.
It is decide that the goblins will be given to the guards to buy favor. I didn’t get much, however they were allowed to enter the city. They head to the nearest building that looked like a inn as a guard followed.
In the inn a common room was rented. The Necro-mancer was uneasy with sleeping in the same room as the rest, so she rented the root celler for the night.
When all are settled in, the Elf Woman spoke of the city. There are 117 Black Banner guards in the city. There are also allies, however the ‘Laughing Rogue’ is the most likely to be found in the city. She also told of another smaller city. The party decide that might be a easier target.
The party asked around and found an merchant headed to The little farm village and paided up front for passage.
Bibi went to a carpenter to have some tent poles made. The Gnome and Anju Elric went to an herbalist. Female Human Necro-Sorcerer was merely looking for a price quote. The gnome bought some weed and shared some with the keeper. He was able to bargain very well.
The two Dwarves, (Bertha and Female Dwarf “Rogue”) spent the evening looking for alcohol. Bertha succeeded.
The next day the party left with the merchant named Burns. They were attacked by Goblins. Two of which were riding worgs. One of the horses died and all the goblins.

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